57th Annual Grammy Awards’ Fashion: Best and Worst



(Rihanna’s gown by: Giambattista Valli, Danielle Haim’s suit by: Stella McCartney, Taylor Swift’s gown by: Elie Saab)

The Grammy awards are about music, but if we’re being honest (especially us fashionistas) it’s more so about the fashion. Though in my opinion, it was one of the less exciting Grammy events, there was still quite a few head turners on the red carpet. Firstly, I’d like to bring up Rihanna, who’s pink princess dress that evokes a vibe that’s more frosting than fabric made quite a stir at last night’s ceremony. At first, I was on the fence with this look, but Rihanna being Rihanna pulled it off perfectly while seeming effortless. (Which is quite a feat when you think about how much that thing probably weighed.) It was a fashion risk, but it was worth it. Secondly, there were quite a few ladies in suits, but Danielle Haim of the band Haim killed it in her all white getup. The secret was the fit, the pleated trousers, the nude shoes, and the crisp white under shirt paired with the off white ensemble. She looked chic, sophisticated, and bad ass. And then there’s Taylor Swift, who always has a lot of hype around her awards outfits, this year being no exception. As with Rihanna, I was at first not impressed, but what made this look exciting for me was that she chose to wear fuchsia shoes; a bold choice, but one that creates a really fun contrast to the teal dresses subtle obre. There’s many who say the cut of this dress is dated, but I say when you have legs as long as Swift’s, you have to flaunt them.


(Beyonce’s gown by: Proenza Schouler, Nicki Minaj’s gown by: Tom Ford, Gwen Stefani’s jumpsuit by: Atelier Versace)

Ah, my women in black! Beyonce, who is hard to dislike let alone hard to ignore, looked ‘flawless’ in her black gown. The key to her look was subtlety, with her hair and makeup not overly done, her dress not overly sheer, nor was it overly glitzy. Though her look may not have been jaw dropping, I appreciate that Beyonce knows when to dress it up (and by up, I mean over the top) and when to let it come naturally. Nicki Minaj, who I am by no means a fan of musically or in a fashion sense, surprised me by perfectly blending ‘sexy’ with ‘classy; a trick she has had trouble with in the past. Lastly, there’s Gwen Stefani. I didn’t realize how pretty Stefani was until this award show; often when I think of her, I think of Gwen circa early 2000s who looked pretty trashy most of the time. She surprised me with this gorgeous jumpsuit, and her up-do made it the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.



(Madonna’s dressthing by: Givenchy, Kim Kardashian’s robe by: Jean Paul Gaultier, Charli XCX’s costume by: Moschino)

Woof. Madonna, I never understood the fascination so much of the world has with you, especially when you keep wearing outfits like this. Madonna looked more like a stripper wearing a steam-punk inspired Halloween costume than a mega pop star. Who is this woman’s stylist?! If she doesn’t have one, she needs one, preferably one who isn’t blind and is of this century. Then there’s Kim Kardashian. The combination of her heavy handed makeup, hair in her face, and glitzed out robe-dress-thing brought one word to mind; heavy. I would be sweating bullets in this. Actually, maybe that’s the point, considering she looks less red-carpet-glamour and more boxer-about-to-enter-the-ring. Lastly, we see how not to pull off a mens wear inspired look, thanks to Charli XCX. The fur shawl, the silk tux, the ill-fitted trousers, the pink bow-tie… Was anyone else reminded of Damien and Janice’s prom outfits from Mean Girls? This outfit feels like a joke that just missed the mark of at least being funny. Despite the atrocious outfit, I must compliment Charli’s hair and make-up, though they would have been much better complimented with an outfit that matched their cool-ness.


Style Inspiration: Pati Smith

Musician Patti Smith

Minimalistic in color schemes, grunge-y in disposition, with an unintentional bohemian-like quality, Patti Smith proves that style is not just what you wear, it’s who you are.

Recently, I had the opportunity to see Patti Smith perform live at the Crystal Ballroom. I went with my boyfriend, and before the show started he asked me what I thought she was going to wear on stage. Without hesitation, I answered, “something very basic, black and white.” When she came on stage, I was right; there she was, an idol of mine since I was a junior high schooler, wearing what I always imagined she would wear. So many times I had been shopping or flipping through magazines, stumbling across something just  masculine enough, but with a certain effortlessness that made it uniquely feminine. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself staring at an outfit like that and saying to myself, “That is so Patti Smith.” I realized the night I saw Patti Smith that the greatest thing about her is her amazing ability to be her own, very weird self. It’s something we all like to say we can do with confidence, but few of us exude it in such a way that is so in-your-face, yet laid back. True style is a lot like that, in my opinion. It’s something that each of us possesses, but there are few of us in this world, Patti Smith being one of them, who have the special, wonderful, alien like ability to exude who we are through our wardrobe. I am so thankful for people like her who inspire the alien-ness in me.

Who inspires that alien in you?