5 Tips on Fashion Blogging

MarmaladeEntering the fashion blogosphere can be intimidating for even the most confident of ladies (and gents). It’s important to know what works best for you, and what works best period. Below are five tips to utilize when starting your adventure into fashion blogging.

1. Use Social Media Like You’re Getting Paid For it – And You Just Might
Social media and fashion bloggers go together like black and navy; if you’re doing it the right way, you’re going to be successful. If you’re doing it the wrong way, you’re going to look stupid. Look at other fashion bloggers’ Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts for inspiration. Take note of any trends you see among the most popular accounts. Don’t forget the most important part is making it your own; nobody wants a carbon copy of someone they’re already following.
2. Invest in a Quality Camera – Or at Least a Quality Photo Style

If you don’t have the money to buy a nice, high quality camera, that’s fine. Many bloggers are able to take nice photos with their iPhones. It makes it trickier to have eye catching photos, which is why it’s important to invest your time in getting quality shots if you can’t invest your money into ways of making that easier. Take extra notice of your surroundings, your posture, the camera’s angle, etc. in order to compensate for the lower quality images, and nobody will be the wiser!

3. Be Yourself

I can’t tell you how sickening it is after a while to read the same cheesy, whitty banter on every single blog out there. Some of my favorite fashion bloggers are the ones who are themselves in their commentary; so whatever that means for you, do it. Cuss, call people out, talk in slang; whatever. For better or for worse, people will respond to your personality which is a helluva lot better than not having one.

4. Wear What YOU Like

This one took me a while to understand, and maybe it’s because I’m still in my 20s, but I’m still not fully ‘there’ yet. You don’t have to dress like a punk to attract the punk bloggers, or chic to attract the chic bloggers, or high end to attract the high end bloggers, or boho to attract the boho bloggers; you just have to dress like yourself to attract followers. Think about the bloggers that you enjoy – They are probably all very different in terms of what they wear. Most people don’t like JUST one thing, they like a multitude of different styles, and with that, they like a multitude of different outlooks on those styles. So just be yourself.

5. Be Patient.

Build it, and they will come. Or in this case, blog and they will follow. Over time. A long period of time. Slowly. Trickling in. Discouragingly at times. Try not to compare your success to others; that’s toxic, and they are on a different journey than you are, so what’s the point? Everyone’s road is different. Sometimes I like to think of it this way – We don’t always get married at the same time. Some of us find our soul mates in high school, some of us in our 20s or 30s, some of us when we’re elderly. My point is everyone is on their own journey, and they reach their own check points at their own pace. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you years to get a good following, and don’t be arrogant if it takes you months.


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