Oscars 2015: The Bold, The Bland, and the Beautiful



Being bold is risky business, and the beg carpet offers the challenge of dressing boldly without dressing badly. These three ladies were about as bold as it got this years Oscar’s red carpet. Scarlett Johanson wore a Versace gown in green, a unique color choice this year. A lot of people felt the dress showed too much cleavage (hello, it’s Scarlett Johanson?) and was a red carpet miss, and though I’m not sure how I feel about the gown personally, I do admire her balls. Rosamund Pike, who could probably wear anything and still look perfect, stunned in this beautiful red Givenchy gown. The look was elegant, classic, but had just the right touch of Jessica Rabbit va-va-voom to keep it interesting. Lastly, there was Emma Stone, who kind of sort of always kills it on the red carpet, no matter what she does. Seriously, if I saw this Elie Saab dress on anyone else (except maybe Beyonce if we’re being realistic), I would be like “what the hell, no, what is this color?” but Emma Stone pulls it off flawlessly. It was a refreshing reminder that she can pull off feminine looks just as perfectly as she can a men’s suit.



Though I personally love to see stars push the fashion envelope, there is a time and a place for the simple shaped, neutral color gown. After all, it’s kind of Jen Aniston’s thing, and we love her for it. She didn’t disappoint me in Altier Versace this year, looking simple, modern, sophisticated, and gorgeous as usual. Next there was Anna Kendrick, who has been impressing me more and more in recent award shows, in Thakoon. I thought the dress was a beautiful color on her, and the neckline is stunning. Matched with her updo and dewy makeup, she looked gorgeous. Zoe Saldana, also in Altier Versace, opted for a nude toned dress as well, and the draping of the gown + the way it hugs her figure was absolutely gorgeous. There was a whole lot of “boring” at the Oscars this year, but this group of ladies made bland a good thing by keeping it classic, simple, and modern.

Thebeautiful THE BEAUTIFUL

I’m a sucker for sparkles when they’re used in an elegant way, such as in Jennifer Lopez’s Elie Saab gown. The dress balanced out the girliness of the sparkles with a neutral color, but kept it glamorous with the deep neckline and full skirt. Next we have Margot Robbie, who proves you don’t have to dress like a princess to look drop dead gorgeous, not that we thought that anyways, but the extra assurance is always welcome on the red carpet. Robbie looked moody, glam, sophisticated, and most impressively, comfortable and effortless at this years Oscar’s in Saint Laurent. Also in Saint Laurent, 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson wore a simple silhouetted red gown, with embellished shoulder and high slit. It was a great look for her body type, and her hair and makeup kept it from looking too serious.

What did you think of this years Oscars? Do you feel like the red carpet is a place to take risks, or a place to play the classic card?


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